First time players? Learn the basics here and get going in under two minutes.

  1. Remove the four rule cards (examples below) and leave them on the table for all to view.
  2. Place the remaining pack in the middle of the table.
  3. Take turns to flip over a card.
  4. Depending on your card, you’ll shout the colour you see or the word you read.
  5. Once every player is familiar with the basics, dive straight into a proper game. To play the full game read HOW TO PLAY below.
Before starting, remove any cards
from the deck you may find too offensive.
Hint: The last five cards in the deck contain the C word.
Rule1-Black text-Say background colour
Rule2-Coloured text-Say colour of text
Rule3-Swear words-Say swear word regardless of text colour-exclude fuck words
Rule4-Fuck words-never say fuck-these revert to rules one and two


The first player to lose all of their cards wins. Heres how F**k. The Game works.

  1. Your dealer distributes all cards evenly among the players – face down. Don’t shuffle or look at your cards. Leave the four rule cards on the table for reference.
  2. Starting with the dealer, you take turns to flip over one of your cards. Always draw from the top of your deck and place it face up in a pile in the middle. 
  3. Depending on your card, you’ll need to quickly shout out the colour you see or the word you read – only the current player shouts. 
  4. If you take too long to answer or get it wrong, other players can call you out by slapping the central pile:
  5. The first player to slap the cards can give a total of two cards from the centre pile to any one or two players.
  6. The remaining cards in the pile go to you for losing your turn.
  7. How long is too long? It’s up to your group to decide.
  8. The player who answered incorrectly resumes play. 
  9. The game continues until someone gets rid of all of their cards.

All cards must remain on the table or held in view. You cannot hide your cards (e.g. under the table).


Mastered the basics? It’s time to add strategy (and general impoliteness).

The point rule

  1. Select your favourite swear word – we recommend choosing the word that has the most impact!
  2. Let’s imagine your group chose Cock. Every time Cock is drawn, the following rules apply:
    Black text: Say the background colour.
    Coloured text: Say Cock and simultaneously point at another player.
    The player you point at will then be forced to pick up the cards in the pile. 
  3. If you get it wrong, take too long or don’t point simultaneously you’ll be forced to pick up all the cards in the pile.

The point rule makes these cards strategic. If you pick one up, you can place it anywhere in your deck. Just don’t forget where you’ve put it!

Choke on Cock rule

If you take too long or get it wrong on a Cock card
all players must give you one card from their decks and you must pick up all the cards in the pile.

Slap happy rule

If the group decide another player is slapping too early or unfairly before the player can answer, then that person must pick up all the cards in the pile.



You can take the game to a whole new level with more rules, more strategy and even more games.

Once you’ve mastered the basics described in this pack, you can make this deck your own. We’ve got a page dedicated to rule sharing where you can find and share new ideas. CLICK HERE