New Print Now Available!

Thanks to the incredible support of the 500+ Kickstarter backers, the new high quality print version is available for purchase!

It has been a whirlwind since becoming funded and we are hearing great reviews from all around the globe.

Here are a few:

"Arrived a few days and got round to having a game with my friends yesterday...everyone was in stitches, unlike a lot of other card games of similar novelty it looks like it will have replay value too! Thanks for making a great game :)"   



"Got them yesterday and had a quick game at after work drinks. It went down a treat. We had a good laugh. It's not as confusing as I expected, ie I don't tend to say the wrong colour. It'll just take a while to remember the rules. It's great that there are extra rules to play once we get these down pat."


Seeing the game turn into a properly manufactured and quality game is very exciting to see. We now have the stock to get it in the hands of many eager players worldwide and we are looking forward to hearing many more great reviews!

Have fun! : ) 



Many people ask what is the difference between the collectors edition and new high quality deck?

In order to see how well the game worked, We printed only 500 copies of the first collectors edition deck.  Although this deck is great it has not been made by the large card printing manufacturers. Therefore its main flaw is it is not water resistant. There are less than 100 left so get in fast if you like collecting.

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