About us

Inkster Games is an independent games maker based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our aim is to create fun, easy to pick up games that bring people together over a few laughs (and sometimes drinks) . 


Quick backstory:

In 2014 we took a prototype of our first nsfw game – F**k. The Game – to a local festival to try it out. Everyone who played it loved it, so we decided to crowdfund its creation on Kickstarter – which we did successfully in 2015.

In 2021 we successfully crowdfunded our latest party game – Blurgh – also via Kickstarter. Blurgh is the evolution of six years of creative game making.

Big thanks to everyone who backed us!


Your support

We hope that everyone who plays our games has a great time and we thank you for supporting small independent creators like ourselves. It really helps us to continue making unique and original games in the future.


Drinking games

Many of our nsfw games are also played as drinking games and can easily be picked up in a minute or two similar to other nsfw party games like jackboxtv or cards against humanity. Our nsfw games have unique gameplay that may more resemble what some call a kind of uno but for adults. Our games are designed to mess with your heads and laugh at your friends stuff ups, so it can work well with or with out drinking involved.  Please drink responsibly and have fun!


Get in touch with us through the chat icon or email us at hello@inkstergames.com